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    The Many Consequences of Acne

    Most people suffer from acne during adolescence. Although most acne cases are mild, they should not be considered as simply “cosmetic” problems. 

    It is now common knowledge that this skin ailment can have serious psychological and social consequences for both adults and teens. What’s more, many people wrongly believe that nothing can be done for acne and that only time can solve this embarrassing problem.

    Acne can cause loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, embarrassment, shame, anger, frustration, and feeling of helplessness. Ultimately such feelings can lead people to cut off contact with others, give up their normal activities, and even show signs of depression. These negative effects may cause them to miss out on social and/or professional opportunities. Acne can leave serious scars, as much emotional and psychosocial as physical. Effective tools for improving the skin’s appearance are now available.

    Don’t hesitate to discuss them with your healthcare professional.  


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    Acne affects approximately 85% of teens and generally disappears around age 25. It can be caused by a variety of factors (genetics, hormones) that result in an increased secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands. The excess sebum rises through the hair duct to the skin surface, making it oilier. 

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    Skin Care

    It’s important to take care of your skin every day. Having great-looking skin not only makes you feel better about yourself—it also keeps you healthy! 

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