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    Skin around your eyes

    How to take care of your skin around your eye.

    You should start taking special care of the SKIN AROUND YOUR EYES when you turn 25. There are moisturizing products that nourish and protect the eye area, and others that help diminish dark circles. All eye products should be applied by gently tapping with the ends of your fingertips, never rubbing. The epidermis is very thin in this area, and must be handled with extreme care. Because products designed for the eye area are often meant to tighten or smooth the skin, avoid over-handling them lest they become warm and lose their restorative properties.

    Did you know that any eye product should be patted on with the fingertips?

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    Skin Care

    It’s important to take care of your skin every day. Having great-looking skin not only makes you feel better about yourself—it also keeps you healthy! 

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