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    Make friends with the sun

    Avène Dermatological Laboratories have developed a sun care range that ensures a safe protection. By effectively protecting your skin you can fully enjoy the best of the sun.

    THE SUN:

    Friend or foe?


    happy face Provide a sensation of warmth and well-being.
    sad face Cause heat strokes and sun strokes.

    Visible light

    happy face Antidipressant, intervenes on the modulation of the brain’s hormonal functions.
    sad face Plays a role in skin aging.


    happy face Stimulate pigmentation, thus tanning.
    sad face Responsible for premature skin aging and also some skin cancers.


    happy face Stimulate melamin resulting within 48 hrs in tanning of the skin. Activate the synthesis of vitamin D from cholesterol circulation, they are called anti-rachitic rays.
    sad face Short-term, they are responsible for sun strokes; long-term they cause premature skin aging and some skin cancers. Reduce immune defences explaining spurts of herpes.

    Directions for use*

    scheme sun protection

    * Recommended by the French National Cancer Institute.


    The Tinosorb M+S Complex**

    This latest generation of photoprotector complex was selected for its exceptional absorption power that protects your skin from the entire UVB-UVA spectrum.

    For better effectiveness, the Tinosorb M+S Complex is combined to the MPI***

    The MPI: original and patented association of two very small natural mineral screens, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

    The MPI-Sorb Complex: protection efficacy

    sun exposure data table

    ** Registrered trademark of CIBA chemical specialties.
    *** Mineral Protector Ingredient - Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique patent.

    • Protection against the entire UVB-UVA (short and long) spectrum;
    • High tolerance and stability;
    • Easy and pleasant to apply.

    Suncare range

    Intolerant and allergic skin: 100% minérale

    • For skin that’s intolerant to chemical filters and fragrance;
    • Atopic skin (children and adults);
    • Post-procedure;
    • Recent scars.

    Normal to combination sensitive skin

    • Phototypes II and III;
    • Non pathological sensitivity to sun;
    • Average sun conditions;
    • First exposures for dark skin.

    All skin types • Sunless

    • For a natural tan without streaks;
    • Soothes and moisturizes;
    • Non-oily;
    • Soothes and calms redness;
    • Restores skin barrier;
    • Moisturizes and refreshes.
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