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    Be assertive against embedded cellulite areas with Cellulite Offensive 14 days!

    Having always assisted women in their fight to preserve a perfect figure and obtain smooth cellulite-free skin, ELANCYL is now launching an offensive that embedded cellulite will not be able to overcome. 

    Cellulite Offensive 14 days!

    1st TRIPLE IMPACT anti-cellulite solution with suractivated effectiveness that breaks the vicious cycle of cellulite in a complete and durable way.

    Triple impact on cellulite

    1. Smoothes dimpled skin;

    • Double storage and anti-storage action.
      Thanks to the micro-diffuser system which, combined with the trio of slimming ingredients (Xanthoxyline, Caffeine, Phloridzine), acts as a true impact multiplicator. The effectiveness of Cellulite Offensive 14 days is suractivated.

    2. Resculpts;

    • Made with a new resculpting complex containing Ivy which stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, Cellulite Offensive 14 days restructures tissues and resculpts the skin.

    3. Anti-recurrence action INNOVATION.

    • The Xanthoxyline stops the multiplication of storage cells for a brand new anti-recurrence action in order to provide a long-lasting effectiveness.

    Offensive Cellulite, still a single application per day - 24 H effectiveness

    A single morning application of Cellulite Offensive 14-days ensures 24-hour effectiveness thanks to its time release formula containing two phases: a "day" phase with immediate release that contains active ingredients working right from the morning and an "evening" phase with prolonged release, containing microspheres that help trap the active ingredients working at night .

    Directions for use

    1 single application per day, in the morning. Apply pressure twice in concerned areas: thighs, hips, buttocks. The product effectiveness depends on how the product is applied and on the regularity of usage.

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