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    Recapture clean and Smooth Skin with Keracnyl

    Throughout adolescence, hormones influence the skin: it becomes oilier and shinier. Pimples and blackheads can appear on the face and the back, and in some cases, these imperfections can persist after the age of 20. To help you through this difficult period, the Laboratoires Dermatologiques Ducray developed a specific line of skin care and hygiene products. 

    Myrtacine: a complete active ingredient 

    Myrtacine is found in the leaves of a Mediterranean shrub called Myrtle or Myrtus Communis. The purifying and astringent properties of these leaves have been recognized since Antiquity. Keracnyl Cream is specifically formulated for the care of acne prone skin and targets the four major factors involved in the development of acne: 

    • Hyperseborrhea;
    • Hyperkeratinization;
    • Formation of bacterial colonies;
    • Inflammation.

    Acne prone skin: 

    • Used alone, the Keracnyl line provides a complete response to treat the first stages of acne. It may also be used in combination with other forms of therapy (retinoids, bezoyl peroxide, antibiotics) to treat the advanced stages of acne.

    Face and Body Foaming Gel: 

    • Soap free cleansing base enriched with glycerine for gentle skin cleansing


    • Poly-Hydroxy Acids + Myrtacine combined to matifying active ingredients to promote the elimination of imperfections and reduce the excess of sebum.

    Emergency Spot Care Gel: 

    • Local emergency treatment against pimples.

    Tinted Corrector Stick: 

    • Conceals imperfections (beige pigments), purifies the skin and tightens pores.

    Oily skin

    Purifying Cleansing Water: 

    • Rinse free cleanser, provides an immediate feeling of freshness.

    Triple Action Mask: 

    • Absorbing, exfoliating and deep-cleansing.

    Visit for more details on the product line.

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