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    Sérénage Nutri-redensifying day cream

    What distinguishes a mature skin?

    The demands of mature skin evolve along with the changes that it undergoes. Little by little, the skin is transformed, the epidermis becomes thinner and more fragile.

    Skin dryness

    The lipid content is significantly reduced ((40% decline of linoleic acid, responsible for the skin hydration, in the epidermis). As a result the skin’s barrier function is weakened.

    Loss of skin density

    The levels of hyaluronic acid and collagen, key molecules in the connective tissue supporting the skin, begin to decrease. Skin loses its density and tone.

    Skin weakening

    The skin becomes thinner and atrophied. It is easily marked by wrinkles.

    To help you enjoy your age and feel good about yourself, the dermocosmetic solution must be specific and ‘”tailor-made”. That is exactly what Avène Dermatological Laboratories are now able to offer with Sérénage, to bring density, vitality and comfort to mature skin.


    • The Glycoleol helps reactivate lipid synthesis all day thanks to its reservoir effect, for an intense and long-lasting nutrition;
    • The Hyaluronic acid, used as medium size biologically active fragments, fights cutaneous slackening and redensifies the skin;
    • The Pre-tocopheryl, Vitamin E precursor, protects the skin from the environmental damages and reinforces skin weakened by age;
    • Avène Thermal Spring Water soothes the skin.


    • Wrinkles are smoothed;
    • Fights skin sagging and redensifies;
    • Skin regains hydration and comfort;
    • An immediate healthy glow.

    Use Sérénage Nutri-redensifying day cream every morning. It will pleasantly glide onto the skin and enable easy application and immediate makeup use. Gently scented, its delicate texture is presented in a pretty airless bottle that is safe, convenient and easy to bring along wherever you go.

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