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    Tolérance extrême

    There has always been sensitive skin however its increase is a modern phenomenon. Stress and environment play an important role. 

    As many as 50% to 60% of women in industrialized countries are concerned1.

    To answer the needs of the most intolerant skin, the Avène Dermatological Laboratories have developed a perfect system that makes it possible to preserve a product from bacteria without any preservative.

    In order for this product to remain sterile and truly without any preservative, bacteria must be removed (by sterilization) and the formula has to be safeguarded from contamination once inside the tube. However, in order to ensure the protection of the formula once the tube is opened, a closure system had to be developed that would allow the product to come out but prevent bacteria from going in.

    Thereby, Tolérance extrême is the only range to offer a combination of two unique and patented* processes2:

    • Manufacturing and conditioning in a sterile environment (ETS, Extreme Tolerance System) that guarantees a fragrance-free, preservative-free, emulsifier-free formula with a minimum number of ingredients;
    • Formula protection during its entire use with the exclusive D.E.F.I system (French acronym for Dispositif Exclusif Formule Intacte or Exclusive Formula Integrity Device), a closure system that makes it possible to keep a product sterile during its entire lifetime.

    In which cases should we use Tolérance extrême? 

    • Complete intolerance to regular cosmetics;
    • Skin allergies;
    • Acute irritations (redness, tightness, itching, etc.);
    • Post-medical procedures (laser, peeling, etc.)

    Most importantly, Tolérance extreme is also the perfect range for people looking for highly safe and very pure products.

    What are the products’ benefits?

    • Restores the skin barrier;
    • Decreases skin’s reactivity
    • Reduces the risks of irritation and allergy

    Tolérance extrême is a true bath of Avène Thermal Spring Water with its soothing, hydrating and protecting properties. The most sensitive skin feels revitalized and better prepared against daily aggressions.

    The range includes a cleansing product: The Cleansing lotion - No rinse formula (only 6 ingredients), and a moisturizing product: The Soothing, anti-irritating cream (only 9 ingredients).

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    2. Brevets déposés

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