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    Finding the Perfect Red

    This season's most lustrous trend can be resumed in one word: red. Dare to wear the colour of passion on your lips by choosing the shade that perfectly matches your complexion. 

    If you have fair skin with a hint of pink, your best bet is a blue-based red. Avoid brown and coppery shades which tend to overwhelm your skin tone and orangey shades aren’t very flattering to your complexion. Women with creamy porcelain skin look ravishing with cherry red lips.

    If your skin tone is a sandy medium, your lips will look delicious in shades of brown or brick and a little tomato red lipstick will brighten your whole face.

    Darker skin tones will look best in warmer shades, such as orangey, scarlet or flame reds.

    Did you know…

    Lipstick in shades of brown or violet tend to bring out any yellowness in your teeth while a blue-based red will make your smile seem whiter and brighter.

    From the pros

    Dab a little liquid foundation on your lips before applying your favourite shade of red lipstick. This will maximize your lipstick’s staying power and even out the colour.

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