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    Simply Beautiful Brows

    Eyebrows are every woman's tool to frame her eyes and balance her features. These past few years, natural and fuller brows have been featured on the catwalk and in magazines. Here are our best tips to make your brows as beautiful as they should be. 

    Shape your brows:

    Here’s a tip used by professional makeup artists to create a natural brow shape that perfectly suits your facial features.

    1. Hold a pencil vertically against one nostril and level with the inner corner of the eye. Mark the spot where the pencil and your brow intersect with a dot. This is where your eyebrow should start.
    2. Hold the pencil diagonally against one nostril, angled so that it passes the iris to reach the center of the upper eyelid. The point where the pencil and the brow intersect indicates the highest point of the brow line or curve.
    3. Then hold the pencil diagonally against the base of the nostril and align it to the outer edge of the eye, mark with a dot. This is where your eyebrow should end. The dot should be level with the dot marking the start of the brow.

    Finally, connect the three dots to outline the shape of your brow. Feather in your brow so the start, at the inner corner of the eye, is the thickest portion of the brow and gently thin the brow line as you near the temple.

    Faking full brows: eyebrow makeup

    If brows are thin or a little sparse, rework them with a sharp brow pencil. Simply feather in colour with a pencil or for an even more natural look, use two brow pencils in similar shades and blend with an applicator stick or an angled brush to soften and shade colour.

    Choose a brow pencil colour similar to your own hair colour (taupe is best for blondes). Unless you are a redhead, avoid red or orangey pigments. When going for an evening look, which is a little more intense and refined, you can afford to go a shade or two darker on your brows.

    Control and shape your bushy brows with a light coat of translucent mascara.

    More informations

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