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    Always on the go? No time to care for your skin? At last, there’s a solution for today’s busy woman!

    Have foundations, concealers, BB, CC, DD creams, powders and sunscreens taken over your cabinet? So many steps, so little time! Perhaps you’re even spending precious time on a beauty routine that still leaves your complexion dull and lifeless. 


    IDC is proud to launch Regen Express Perfection, the 1st tinted multibenefit care that combines an integral anti-aging solution with a skin tone corrector and sunscreen protection – all in a single product for the face, eyes and neck!

    Did you know that the skin aging process involves a loss of its natural balance and disrupts 16 different mechanisms? This leads to the various signs of aging we see: fine lines, loss of radiance and evenness,

    diminished firmness and tone and skin’s reduced ability to retain moisture. Left untreated, dark under eye circles and puffiness appear, age spots develop and fine lines turn into wrinkles. With its unique patented Regen-16 technology, the new Regen Express Perfection is specially formulated to fully address and fight the 16 main mechanisms associated with aging – in one simple stroke every morning. Regen-16 delivers in-depth, longterm action to help your skin regain its youthful glow.

    Impatient for results? With Regen Express Perfection you don’t have to wait weeks before seeing improvements in your complexion or in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It not only offers broad-spectrum, 100% mineral SPF 15 sun protection, it also features “smart pigments,” a cosmetic innovation developed from a revolutionary Japanese technology. These pigments boast remarkable adaptive properties, which let them adjust their colour to your skin tone (from light to medium) when exposed to light. They are formulated with amazing optical properties that instantly minimize the look of imperfections. By scattering light in several directions, these illusion-creating pigments optically blur the look of lines and wrinkles (blurring effect), making them appear softer and less apparent (soft focus effect).

    Regen Express Perfection should be applied in the morning to the face, eyes and neck. This express product can be used on its own, since it both corrects and hydrates. At night, replace it with Regen Express, the #1 anti-aging face cream in Quebeci and winner of the 2013 Victoire de la beauté prize in France and the 2014 Elle Quebec/Canada Beauty Grand Prize awarded by consumers.

    Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, Regen Express Perfection is suitable for all ages and skin types. It is free of parabens, DMAE and artificial colours and is not tested on animals. In a