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    Optimizing the Skin’s Health

    Lifestyle choices that are good for the skin
    Things to avoid
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    Lifestyle choices that are good for the skin:

    • Exercice regularly – this helps increase the blood flow of nutrients to the skin, and helps eliminate toxins that may be interfering with the skin’s metabolism;
    • Drink lots of water – this helps keep the skin well hydrated at its mots superficial layers;
    • Sleep regularly – this helps the skin repair itself and eliminate toxins more effectively;
    • Consume healthy food, rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants – this helps the skin’s metabolic processes function more effectively, reinforcing the skin’s natural defenses against external aggressions.

    Things to avoid:

    • Products containing allergenic substance – most cosmetic products contain ingredients known for their allergenic properties. They are most often found in form of colorants, fragrances and preservatives;
    • Soap – soap dries out the skin and disrupts its natural pH balance and its hydropilic film;
    • Alcohol and cigarette smoke – alcohol and cigarette smoke compromise the integrity of the blood vessels leading to poor circulation and incresed toxin levels in the skin;
    • Excessive caffeine consumption – caffeine contributes to higher stress levels that aggravate the skin, especially if it is prolonged throughout the day.