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    Skin dryness and atopic skin

    Some sensitive skin is naturally very dry. Others will suddenly become dry from the wind and cold temperatures. Finally, some dermatological problems like eczema, make the skin very dry and itchy. These types of skin are very often sensitive skins that suffer from lipid and water deficiencies.

    Dry skin

    A dry skin is a fine, vulnerable, delicate skin, with a tight grain. It is dull, rough and coarse to the touch, with very fine lines. It leads to a loss of suppleness and softness, fine desquamation and a feeling of discomfort.

    The origin of the problem of dry skin lies in damage to the hydrolipidic film, abnormal flaking and insufficient water. The skin’s moisture barrier is damaged; the skin is not protected from environmental factors and is more sensitive. Skin ageing is accelerated.


    • The skin is tight and cracks;
    • It is rough and harsh to the touch; it has lost its softness and its suppleness;
    • It is easily irritated, turns red. All day, it feels uncomfortable, more and more vulnerable and sensitive.


    For some of you with particularly delicate and clear skin, this state of dryness is “natural”. For others this phenomenon occurred:

    • Following climatic aggressions (sun, cold, wind, pollution, etc.);
    • With the passing of time (with age, with menopause);
    • With all the aggressions imposed upon the skin (from excessive cleansing and use of detergent soaps);
    • After irritating dermatological treatments.

    Irritated, atopic skin

    Eczema outbreaks are more frequent during early childhood and in winter. They generally appear for unknown reason but can be heightened by emotional stress.


    • Inflammation of the skin that results in scaly, sometimes oozing, red patches;
    • Very dry skin and severe itching;
    • It can cover the face, chest and limbs.


    • Stress;
    • Irritant hygiene products;
    • Allergies;
    • Probable genetic factors;
    • Generally unknown.

    Emollient creams especially adapted to this type of skin should be used to:

    • Fight against skin dryness;
    • Improve skin condition;
    • Prevent allergies from penetrating the skin;
    • Reduce the need for dermocorticoids.

    They are used in addition to medical treatment during outbreaks of atopic dermatitis on dry skin or alone during the remission phase.

    Specific answers to each case

    For dry skin: Cold Cream line, from Avène Dermatological Laboratories Developped to face cold weather conditions.

    What a beautiful proof of quality, a product that has passed the test of time and always remained on top. Cold Cream has earned its reputation by demonstrating its formidable protective, nourishing and soothing qualities. Avène Thermal Spring Water is the best ally of Cold Cream in a range of tender and protective care for dry to very dry sensitive skin. Cold Cream protects and nourishes the skin by helping to rebuild the deficient hydrolipidic film.*

    For very dry and irritated skin: Trixéra+ Sélectiose line, from Avène Dermatological Laboratories.

    In a pathology in which skin dryness and irritation are the main symptoms, skin care products must not only bring comfort but also reduce irritation. The principle of Trixera+ Sélectiose is based on a unique combination of active ingredients chosen to fight all the causes of discomfort in atopic skin, both on the surface and deep down, in order to achieve a more balanced skin and help to improve patients’ quality of life.

    Trixéra+ Sélectiose soothes and relieves hypersensitive skin because it:

    • Is able to adjust the inflammatory response to reduce the threshold of skin reactivity thanks to Sélectiose®;
    • Calms redness and irritations thanks to Avène Thermal Spring Water with soothing and softening properties;
    • Helps restore the skin barrier and protects the skin from outside aggressions thanks to the lipid trio;
    • Fights purities thanks to glycine.

    Improved effectiveness, long-lasting comfort

    Complementary care : Avène Thermale Spring Water in spray, soothing and anti-irritating.

    *Protective barrier of the skin against dehydration

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