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    Dermocosmetics... or psychology for your skin?

    Some people refer to dermocosmetics as “psychodermatology” since this discipline is becoming so entrenched in our society. Consumers seeking specific treatments for dermatological problems are driving the increasing development of this market segment. Dermocosmetics involves in-depth treatments intended to get to the root of problems by using ingredients that act deep within the skin’s layers. 

    In our pharmacies, we see a great many brands vying to enter this specific niche. They include Vichy, La Roche Posay, Roc, Élancyl, NeoStrata, Jouviance, Ducray, Dermaglow, Avène, Galénic, A-Derma, Oenobiol, Bioderma, and others. Those in the market say that dermocosmetics falls halfway between cosmetology and dermatology. We generally consider all these product lines, because each product claims to have produced specific results for skin problems after laboratory testing. Feel free to ask our cosmeticians for assistance. They’re well-versed on this subject and, always keen to stay abreast of new products and benefits, they keep up with the training offered by dermatological companies.

    It’s important to take action when skin problems interfere with your health or your emotional wellbeing. Dermocosmetic products are specifically designed to focus on prevention, but they also protect and remedy physiological disorders of the skin.

    Most common skin problems:

    • Aging of the skin;
    • Hyperpigmentation;
    • Dry skin;
    • Acne: hyperkeratinization;
    • Eczema (due to stress);
    • Hives (urticaria).

    How dermocosmetics work

    They limit the formation of free radicals, activate and protect the skin’s internal hydration system, and prevent the formation of acne and skin problems by reducing sebum secretion and hyperkeratinization.

    The innovative dermocosmetic approach is based on three concepts:

    • Protect skin from aging by using environmental protectors to fight ultraviolet (UV) rays and everyday pollution;
    • Prevent skin from aging through the use of antioxidants like vitamins E and C, which destroy free radicals, and deep cutaneous hydration that is required for proper physiological skin functioning;
    • Correct damage due to aging of skin cells by using key corrective ingredients like glycolic acid, lactic acid, and vitamin A derivatives.

    Because our skin reflects our mental state, dermocosmetic products formulated to solve skin problems should be used daily to help produce healthy skin and fight illnesses related to mental health, stress over physical appearance, and self-esteem.