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    Beauty and skin care

    Reminder of the duration of cosmetics

    Did you know that some products in your makeup kit have a limited life? 

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    Simply Beautiful Brows

    Eyebrows are every woman's tool to frame her eyes and balance her features. These past few years, natural and fuller brows have been featured on the catwalk and in magazines. Here are our best tips to make your brows as beautiful as they should be. 

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    Skin Anatomy & Physiology

    The epidermis is the skin’s outermost structure functioning as the protective cover of the skin. The part we can see, the horny layer, is only the top part of the epidermis. 

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    Optimizing the Skin’s Health

    Lifestyle choices that are good for the skin
    Things to avoid
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    Dermocosmetics... or psychology for your skin?

    Some people refer to dermocosmetics as “psychodermatology” since this discipline is becoming so entrenched in our society. Consumers seeking specific treatments for dermatological problems are driving the increasing development of this market segment. Dermocosmetics involves in-depth treatments intended to get to the root of problems by using ingredients that act deep within the skin’s layers. 

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    Cellular Functions

    Keratinocytes : a keratin factory
    Melanocytes : a pigment factory
    Fibroblasts : a collagen and elastin factory
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    The Dermotypes

    Dermotype 1 : Oily skin
    Dermotype 2 : Dehydrated Skin
    Dermotype 3 : Dryn skin
    Dermotype 4 : Dull skin
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