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    Bladder leaks

    PSST - Bladder leaks

    The bladder and urinary system are a vital part of our bodies. We all need to eliminate waste and excess water through urine. As children we learned to control this complex system of muscles, nerves, and sphincters that allows us to decide when we need to empty our bladder. But this system can malfunction for different reasons, leading to involuntary bladder leaks.

    Frequent leaks of a significant amount of urine are known as urinary incontinence. All men and women may have bladder control problems at some point in their lives.

    It should come as no surprise that urinary incontinence is a taboo topic. Although it’s common, most people are too embarrassed to talk about it. This guide is designed to help you understand how your bladder works and why leaks can sometimes happen.

    Table of contents

    • The bladder and its plumbing system
    • Leaking faucets
    • Risk factors
    • Consequences
    • Possible solutions