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    Our History

    In 1977 Distribution Fraserville, a pharmaceutical wholesaler in Rivière-du-Loup, founded Médico-Prix, a pharmaceutical banner which at the time consisted of some ten pharmacies located primarily in eastern Quebec. In 1980, the banner took on the name it still uses today: Familiprix.
    Familiprix was a huge success right from the start, attracting numerous independent owner pharmacists eager to join forces so as to better compete with the large chains.

    The banner was also a spectacular hit with consumers, who were seeking both competitive prices and personal service. In no less than four years, more than 120 pharmacists joined the Familiprix family.

    In February 1984, Distribution Pharmacies Universelles, a Montreal wholesaler, purchased Distribution Fraserville’s wholesale operation in Rivière-du-Loup and with it, the Familiprix operation.

    This marked the start of a protracted legal effort in which Familiprix member pharmacists sought complete autonomy from the banner. On December 8, 1986, their desire and solidarity paid off: Familiprix became an autonomous entity, wholly owned by its member pharmacists. A disciplined turnaround plan began attracting scores of new member pharmacists.

    Familiprix lost no time ramping up its business activities. The head office relocated from Rivière-du-Loup to Quebec City in July 1989. On February 17, 1991, the group established its own distribution center. Familiprix was—and still is today—the only independent pharmacy group in Canada to have its own distribution center.

    In 1992 the banner gave its image a makeover, updating its visual identity and playing up its connections with the health sector. A number of innovations have accentuated this relationship, including:

    • Canada’s first permanent disposal program for outdated drugs, launched in 1992;
    • Health News, a weekly column published in the Familiprix flyer (1993);
    • First annual pharmacology seminar (1993);
    • Essentiel, an exclusive line of private label products, launched in 1996;
    • Biomédic, an exclusive line of medications, launched in 1997;
    • The Familiprix professional training center, established in 1999;
    • PSST! Programs, introduced in 2007;
    • Partnership with CAA-Quebec, established in 2008;
    • Familiprix gift card, launched in 2008.
    • Launch of our first mobile application "Familiprix - My Pharmacy".
    Unlike most Quebec chains that have watched their development spread westward, Familiprix did not begin to make real inroads in the greater Montreal area until 1995. With nearly 300 pharmacies across Quebec and New Brunswick and annual retail sales approaching $1 billion, Familiprix Inc. is today a vibrant, innovative company enjoying healthy growth.