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    Becoming pharmacist owner

    Our pharmacists are in a class all their own, part of the integrated network that has helped the Familiprix banner become a real presence in the market. 

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    Life at Familiprix


    We’re dedicated to providing Familiprix staff with a congenial, employee-friendly environment equipped with the industry’s most cutting-edge developments—like our distribution center with over 178,600 square feet of the latest technology.


    Our mission is to offer a range of products and services to its pharmacy owners to stand out in their neighbourhood, while protecting the profitability of their pharmacy and creating value to them as shareholders.

    Familiprix is committed to achieve its mission by fostering relationships based on respect and approach to human scale. Our values are:

    • Serving our clients
    • Working as a team
    • Recognizing the value of our employees
    • Showing initiative


    A busy Employee Activity Committee

    The Employee Activity Committee is composed of and led by a group of staffers who organize various outings for employees and their families. Many are leisure-oriented, such as an annual golf outing, visit to a sugar shack, group trips, road rally, and more.

    Groupe PIE (Employee Information Program)

    The Groupe PIE drives our internal communications effort. Its members are always on the lookout for opportunities to acknowledge employee contributions and bring staffers together for to share information. The EIP group spreads smiles and good cheer throughout the year, seeing to it that employee birthdays are observed and organizing other themed events like the legendary hotdog party that kicks off summer, information evenings held at the beginning of the year and in early September, a year-end holiday dinner, and more.