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    Becoming pharmacist owner

    Our pharmacists are in a class all their own, part of the integrated network that has helped the Familiprix banner become a real presence in the market. 

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    A career at Familiprix

    At the Quebec head office

    Familiprix Inc. is always eager to meet individuals who want to put their skills and talents to work to sustain our remarkable growth. With more than 300 positions at our head office, Familiprix offers employment in a range of areas, including:
    • Administration
    • Finance & Accounting
    • Purchasing and Merchandising
    • Retail and Wholesale Data Processing
    • Commercial Development
    • Marketing
    • Innovation and e-business
    • Business Development
    • Legal Department
    • Distribution
    • Professional Pharmacy Services
    • Retail Operations
    • Human Resources
    We also hire students and interns for various positions during the summer months.
    Nancy St-Laurent
    Technician operational, professional services, Quebec City

    I’m really proud to work for a company that’s created this supportive, respectful environment where we can develop our skills and contribute to growing this great company. You really feel valued.

    Isabelle Gauthier
    Coordinator, Customer Experience, Quebec city

    The recognition I receive in the course of my duties makes me a better employee every day, and I’m proud to work for such a supportive organization.

    Martin Desrosiers
    Network Administrator, Quebec City

    I like my job at Familiprix because there are always opportunities for advancement and taking on new challenges within the same company. So you never get bored, even after 14 years!

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    At the Quebec warehouse

    More than 125 persons work in receiving and shipping at the Familiprix distribution center to make sure that our pharmacies have all the merchandise they need for their customers. By spreading distribution center operations over several shifts, we can keep our stores stocked as well as any in the industry.

    Mireille Bourret
    Operations Analyst Technician

    Familiprix really cares about its employees and wants everyone to achieve their goals. It’s wonderful growing with Familiprix.

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    In store

    A job in one of our 320 branches* of Quebec and New Brunswick interests you? If Customer service to your heart and you want to work in our banner, which has more than 5000 employees , here 's how:

    *Familiprix branches recruit staff independently.
    Audrey Chenevert

    I’ve been a cosmetician since September 2014. I like working at Familiprix because our flexible hours allows us to balance work and family responsibilities. I also love the friendly work environment and close contact with our customers.

    Hugo Latour

    At Familiprix, there’s a real team spirit, and people listen and help each other, both at the pharmacies and at head office. The owner-pharmacists are hard-working people who care about their employees, customers, and the community. 

    Maryse Brien
    Head Cosmetician

    I’ve been working in cosmetics for about 26 years and I chose Familiprix for its philosophy and great work environment, which is really important to me.

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