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    As it enters its 35th year, Familiprix consists of 360 owner-run pharmacies with over one billion dollars in retail sales. Familiprix’s network employs more than 5,000 and covers all of Quebec and part of New Brunswick. The banner’s pharmacies are organized by surface area into three categories: clinic, commercial, and extra.

    Familiprix’s primary mission is to be an outstanding neighbourhood pharmacy, where the focus is on expertise and providing front-line healthcare services to communities.

    The banner is among the 150 most admired companies in Quebec (Source: Reputation Study, 2014, Léger.).

    Familiprix is the only group of independent owner/pharmacists with its own distribution centre. Located in Quebec City, the centre supplies the daily needs of Familiprix pharmacies and clinics.

    Familiprix is a group of hard-working healthcare professionals who are actively involved in their communities.  

    Quick Facts

    • Field of activity :

      Retail - pharmaceutical industry

    • Foundation :

      Rivière-du-Loup, 1980

    • Number of branches :

      Total branches : 358

      Familiprix Extra : 159

      Familiprix : 117

      Familiprix Clinique : 77

    • Number of employees :

      More than 5000

    • Management team :

      Albert Falardeau
      Pharmacist, PDG and Chair of the board

      Board of directors consisting of pharmacy owners and external partners.

      Internal board of direction consisting of vice presidents and directors of the headquarters.


    Nadia Roy
    418 847-5300 #2227