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    Our social contribution

    We are proud to announce a recent green business decision we have made!

    We are using paper containing 50% postconsumer fibre, which reduces our environmental footprint in numerous ways.

    Every year Familiprix goes through an average of 24 pallets, or 4.8 million sheets, of white paper.

    With this new “green” paper, we will eliminate or save:

    204 trees
    enough to cover 14 tennis courts
    630,098 litres of water
    the amount we use in 1,800 days
    19,121 kg of trash
    2 garbage trucks’ worth
    58,528 kg of CO2
    the amount emitted by 20 cars in a year
    668 GJ of energy
    the amount used by 6 households in a year
    176 kg NOx
    the amount emitted by 1 truck in a year

    This simple change is a first  step toward a greener tomorrow for future generations.

    Won’t you join us?

    You too can make a big difference by making little changes, such as printing two-sided whenever you can and keeping email messages in your inbox rather than printing them out.

    Hats off to the graphic production department for making this happen!