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When it comes to breast cancer, be proactive!

Breasts can be a constant source of anxiety for many women. Yet in reality, symptoms of breast disease are actually much more common than breast cancers are. Nevertheless, the best course of action is taking the proactive approach, since we all know that when diseases are detected early, they are generally much easier to treat.

During their reproductive years, many women experience swelling and tenderness in their breasts just before menstruating, and several may even develop lumpiness and pain. Given the fact that these symptoms typically disappear as soon as the period is over, they are usually considered normal and not at all alarming.

On the other hand, when lumpiness, thickening or pain occur in only one breast, or when they persist beyond a woman’s period, further examination by a breast specialist is deemed necessary. While breast lumps are quite common and most are benign, you should always err on the side of caution.

Calcifications, appearing as white dots or specks caused by the presence of calcium deposits, may be observed during a mammography. Calcifications are quite common, particularly after menopause, and can result from various benign causes such as a cyst, inflammation or a breast injury. While various scenarios can be used to explain the occurrence of breast calcifications, some may be benign and others may be worrisome enough to warrant a biopsy.

When a biopsy is recommended by a physician, the very best option is to submit to one as quickly as possible. If the results are negative, you will quickly be relieved. However, if the results are positive, appropriate actions can be undertaken expeditiously.

No woman is immune to breast cancer, even if you are healthy and take very good care of yourself. Should you encounter a suspicious mass in your breast, contact your physician without delay. Do not leave it up to chance, be proactive!

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