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October 26th 2019
Can you advise me how to take Cefadroxil and Omeprazole with Warfarin without bleeding in fear of bleeding and not proper consultation I dis continued the Warfarin the INR IS NOW 1.4 can I go back on Warfarin taking 6mg I am following a strick diet need advice and guidance on the best way to or best thing to do to while on this medication thank you
Geneviève Duperron Pharmacist owner affiliated with Familiprix

For sure, you should take your Omeprazole 30 minutes prior breakfast, your Cefadroxil 500 mg at breakfast and supper and your warfarin at supper.  As for your RNI, I can't give you the doses to take without a more complete history of doses and results.  The best way would be to call your pharmacist so he could guide you.

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