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March 14th 2020
Hi, this has nothing to do with any medications and stuff but I was wondering what lead you to take pharmacy? Like is it something you guys really wanted? And I saw a lot of yt videos where some pharmacists were saying that pharmacy isnt worth it. Is that true? Would really appreciate a respond. Thank you!
Geneviève Duperron Pharmacist owner affiliated with Familiprix

I am pharmacist since 2001 and each morning, I love my work and what it brings me.  I really feel I do a difference for my patients either when I refer them to physician or help alleviate their symptôms with OTC meds, when I control their lab results, help them to relieve / find solutions to their side effects.  For many of them, I have their confidence for their whole family.  Pharmacy has always been my first choice, I don't particularly like blood and injections, it was really the beat for me

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