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April 26th 2018
How can you tell the difference between seasonal allergies and a cold? I’ve tried cold and allergy medications, but nothing seems to work.
Karina Savoie Pharmacist

Length: 7 days
Nasal discharge: Clear or coloured
Sneezing: Rare, except at the beginning
Conjunctivitis: Rare
Itching: Rare
Fever: Rare


Length: More than 7 days
Nasal discharge: Abundant, clear and runny
Sneezing: Very frequent
Conjunctivitis: Possible
Itching: Frequent
Fever: None

If your symptoms seem to be more like those caused by allergies, you may want to use a nasal corticosteroid spray along with your antihistamines. This spray is available over the counter without a prescription. A nasal corticosteroid spray can also help to alleviate sneezing, congestion and watery eyes.
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