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April 26th 2018
I have a lot of rosacea near my nose and I can’t find a cream that can help me get rid of it or reduce it. Are there any creams that can help me?
Geneviève Duperron Pharmacist owner affiliated with Familiprix
The first step would be avoidance of triggers : alcool, hot water, spices, and also sun. Since we can't totally avoid sun, putting daily a good SunScreen would be essential and repeat application avery two hours if needed. There are lots of cream available to reduces rosacea: most products requires a physician's prescription, but before having an appointment, some products as Rosaliac by "Roche Posay (containing Ambophenol), anti-redness by Avene ou Roseane by Uriage can alleviate the symptoms. There are also green creams that can reduce appearance of the lesions. I hope it can help you. For more information, consult your pharmacist or physician
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