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January 2nd 2020
i have been on lexapro (escitalopram) for a while now and sometimes i forget to take it this time over the holidays, havent taken it for almost 2 weeks. no withdrawl symptoms at all. i leave for vacation tomorrow and thought i should pack it and so i took 20mg last night and for the last 20 hrs ive felt so sick to my stomach, bloating nausea. (all these side effects did happeen when i was off it for a bit and when i first started it) but i dont want to feel like this on my 1 week vacation. should i start taking it again when i return ? as ive gone this long off it and doing good. or should i take less of a dose for a week then increase after a week? (so my body gets used to it) but worried even a small dose may affect me. Or continue 20mg dose
Geneviève Duperron Pharmacist owner affiliated with Familiprix

I think you should see your physician to reassess your need for medicine.  If he recommends you do, you should start on 5 mg for 6-7 days and then 10 mg for at least one month to get the minimal efficient dose

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