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December 8th 2018
Hello. I'm using the birth control pill and in the month of October, I lost one pill so I couldn't take it. I didn't take any and waited the next day. Did this mess up my cycle/ am I still safe from getting pregnant?
Thank you very much.
Geneviève Duperron Pharmacist owner affiliated with Familiprix

To be well protected against unwanted pregnancy, it is important to take 21 pills in a row for 21 days.  But now, we are in December and you are mentionning you forgot a pill in October, so if you had to be pregnant it would be too late.  After the month of November taking it every day you are fully protected from now.  As for messing up with your cycle, you could have spotted in the days following the pill you lost, but there shouldn't be any other impact now

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