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November 13th 2019
What is inside the Familiprix flu shot "vaccine"? What quantity of each ingredient? I also want to know how many pregnant women this product has been tested on and which tests were performed. Sell me your drug.
Alexandra Grenier Pharmacist

We don’t have a Familiprix specific flu vaccine, there are several companies that produce the flu vaccine. Ask to your pharmacist which vaccine you will have.

All intramuscular are inactivated influenza vaccine and safe for pregnant women and the fetus.  

Vaccination during pregnancy protects the mother from vaccine-preventable diseases that may otherwise be acquired and be transmitted to the fetus or infant.

According to Canadian Immunization Guide :  “For the number of pregnant women and the safety : Surveillance following the use of both adjuvanted and unadjuvanted pandemic H1N1 influenza (pH1N1) vaccine in more than 100,000 pregnant women in Canada and almost 500,000 pregnant women in Europe did not reveal any safety concerns.”

Also, the flu vaccine is recommended and offered free of charge to people who are at higher risk of complications:  including pregnant women regardless the stage of pregnancy.

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