1. The Familiplus Program is a rewards program owned exclusively by Familiprix Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Familiprix”). Further information on the program may be obtained from Familiprix Customer Service, staff at participating stores or at www.familiprix.com/familiplus (hereafter referred to as the “Website”).

  2. Familiprix will issue a Familiplus card to any natural person age 13 and over who asks to activate a Familiplus card at a participating Familiprix store by filling out the appropriate form or opening a Familiprix account via the website or the My Familiplus mobile app (hereafter individually and/or collectively called the “Familiplus Platform”). Once the account has been created, the member must provide certain personal information including a phone number and mailing address, for communication, fraud identification, detection, and prevention purposes. All such information must be provided before members can use their reward points. Members between the age of 13 and the legal age of majority are asked to read these terms in the presence of a parent or legal guardian to ensure they understand them. Such customers becomes members of the Familiplus program (hereafter referred to as a “member”) once their cards are validated. Members can complete/change their information (hereafter their “profile”) on the Familiplus Platform.

  3. Familiprix reserves the right to cancel or confiscate any Familiplus card for which incomplete or inaccurate information has been provided.

  4. At any time and without prior notice, Familiprix may cancel a Familiplus card or earned points in the event a member uses dubious practices to earn Familiplus points, refuses to comply with the terms and conditions governing the program, or makes a false statement to obtain the Familiplus card.

  5. The term of the Familiplus Program is unlimited. However, Familiprix reserves the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to modify the Familiplus Program terms and conditions, specifically as a result of any Familiprix merger, sale, or acquisition or any amendments, substitutions, deletions, or major additions to legislation and/or government guidelines that modify the interpretation of applicable laws and/or change the nature of loyalty programs and/or have a significant negative impact on the financial situation of Familiprix and/or its affiliated pharmacies, by updating this document on the Familiplus Platform without notice. The modifications may concern the term or suspension of the Familiplus Program, methods for calculating, earning, and redeeming points and their expiry, the type and number of promotional activities, and any option made available to members in their accounts. Consequently, these modifications are likely to have an impact on the redemption value of points already earned and future points or on the availability of reward points. Members undertake to regularly consult these terms and conditions and comply with any modifications made to them.

    Members who continue to use or take part in any component of the Familliplus Program after the publication of any modification are considered to have accepted the modified and/or updated version of the Familiplus Program terms and conditions.

    Notwithstanding the preceding, in the event that Familiprix decides to set a time limit on or end the Familiplus Program, a notice will be issued and sent to all members by email or via any other media platform that Familiprix deems appropriate at least sixty (60) days before the effective program limit or end date.

  6. In the event Familiprix terminates the Familiplus Program, members may use their reward points at any participating store within thirty (30) days after the program ends. After that time, any earned points will be lost.

  7. In the event the program is suspended or terminated for any reason whatsoever, neither Familiprix nor any participating store may be held liable to its members and will automatically be released from any claims filed by members of the Familiplus Program regarding the suspension or termination of the program and/or the loss or redemption of points or other damage resulting from such suspension or termination.

  8. The Familiplus Program is available in all Familiprix stores, except:

    • Marc Falardeau, 1 rue du Plateau, Armagh, Québec G0R 1A0
    • Pascale Gagnon, 225, boul. Saint-Joseph, Gatineau, secteur Hull, Québec J8Y 3X5
    • Albert Falardeau, 74-B, rue Principale, Lac-des-Aigles, Québec G0K 1V0
    • Simon Boutros, 1800, boul. Cartier Est, bureau 28, Laval, Québec H7G 4R6
    • Joey Maltais, 4-B, boulevard Perron Est, Matapédia, Québec G0J 1V0
    • Anne Drolet et Magali, Cyr, 505, boulevard Gouin Ouest, Montréal, Québec H3L 3T2
    • Bach Heng Ta et Thai-Dau Ly, A-750, Côte de la Place-D'Armes, Montréal, Québec H2Y 2X8
    • Cam Uyen Mai Ba, 1969, boulevard Rosemont, Montréal, Québec H2G 1S9
    • David St-Jean Gagnon, 1470, rue Peel, Tour A, suite 850, Montréal, Québec H3A 1T1
    • David St-Jean Gagnon, 500, St-Jacques Ouest, bureau 300, Montréal, Québec H2Y 1S1
    • Jean Bernatchez, 927, rue Rachel Est, Montréal, Québec H2J 2J2
    • Mariana Dramilarakis, 933, boulevard René-Lévesque Est, Montréal, Québec H2L 4S4
    • Thanh Thao Luu-Thi, 1988, Ste-Catherine Est, Montréal, Québec H2K 2H7
    • Lucie Lampron, 1900, avenue Mailloux, Québec, Québec G1J 5B9
    • Sylvie Champagne, 1761, rue Sheppard, Québec, Québec G1S 1K5
    • Steve Lévesque, 159, rue de Sainte-Cécile du Bic, Rimouski, Québec G0L 1B0
    • Catherine Lamarre, 16405, avenue Bourdages Sud, Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec J2T 4G9
    • Michel Clermont, Xiang-Yang Wang et Karl Fortin, 620, boul. du Séminaire Nord, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec J3B 7B4
    • Julie Paquet, Patrick Turmel et associés, 377, route Langevin, Saint-Odilon, Québec G0S 3A0
    • Renée Messier et Mathieu Bélisle, 20, rue de Carillon, Sherbrooke, Québec J1J 2K8
  9. The Familiplus card is not a credit card. It is, and remains at all times, the exclusive property of Familiprix, which may revoke it at any time at its sole discretion.

  10. Familiplus points earned on a Familiplus card may not be transferred, exchanged for cash, or sold other than in accordance with the terms and conditions herein. Under no circumstances will Familiprix transfer or permit the transfer of earned points, in part or in whole, to any other individual or Familiplus member or Familiplus card, except in the situations provided for in Section 12 herein. The reward dollars to which Familiplus points entitle Familiplus members may be used or redeemed only by said members. If, for any reason, adjustments must be made to the points registered in a member’s account, the member will have thirty (30) days, from the transaction date or the date the points are registered to the account, to submit a request to Familiprix Customer Service. If no request is made within this period, the information registered in the account will be deemed correct and final.

  11. Members must inform Familiprix of any changes to their personal information by going to their profiles on the Familiplus Platform or by calling Familiprix at 1-844-704-8040. By joining the program, members confirm that the information they have provided is valid and accurate.

  12. Members are responsible for promptly notifying Familiprix of the loss or theft of their Familiplus cards. They must then go to a participating Familiprix store and request a new card, expressly stating it is to replace a lost or stolen card. That way the sales clerk can issue a new card without creating a new profile. Members can then update their card number in their profiles on the Familiplus Platform or by calling Familiprix Customer Service at 1-844-704-8040. Earned points on a lost or stolen card will be transferred to the new Familiplus card, provided that the earned points have not been used between the time the loss or theft occurred and the time the card number was updated. Familiprix may not, under any circumstances, be held liable for transactions made with a Familiplus card between the time of the loss or theft and the time Familiprix is notified of the loss or theft to Familiprix.

  13. By joining the Familiplus Program, members confirm that they consent to have mail sent to their home addresses.

  14. Any member no longer wishing to participate in the Familiplus Program must complete the membership cancellation form by clicking here or by printing a copy of the form by clicking here. The duly completed form must be mailed to the following address:

    Familiplus Customer Service
    6000 rue Armand-Viau
    Quebec City, Quebec, G2C 2C5

    The member’s account will be closed within thirty (30) days of receipt of the form. Any earned Familiplus points will be cancelled without compensation, and the card (plastic physical card and/or virtual card) will no longer be valid.

  15. Employees at participating Familiprix stores may join the Familiplus Program, but may not benefit from the employee discount at the same time (if applicable).

  16. Familiplus members age 60 and over may not benefit from the senior discount at the same time (if applicable).

Eligible Products

  1. Familiplus points may be earned only on purchases of eligible products, for personal use, before taxes. Points cannot be earned on lottery tickets, public transit cards and fares, calling cards, gift cards, prepaid products and services, stamps and other postal products and services, or delivery fees where applicable. Furthermore in provinces where it is prohibited by law, points cannot be earned on over-the-counter and prescription drugs and products covered by the Pharmacy Act and its regulations.

  2. Members may use earned points only to purchase eligible products. Points cannot be redeemed upon purchase of the following products and services: prescription drugs and medications sold exclusively in drugstores, lottery tickets, transit cards and fares, calling cards, gift cards, prepaid products and services, stamps and other postal products and services, or delivery fees where applicable. Moreover, where prohibited, points also cannot be used toward over-the-counter and prescription drugs and products covered by the Pharmacy Act and its regulations.

  3. Familiprix reserves the right to add or exclude products or services from the list of eligible products.

Earning Familiplus Points

  1. To earn Familiplus points, members must present their valid physical or virtual (via the app) Familiplus cards before the end of the transaction when purchasing eligible products at a participating store.

  2. Members who do not or cannot present a valid Familiplus card when purchasing eligible products or who present their card once the transaction is finished cannot earn Familiplus points.

  3. Members can find out how many Familiplus points they have earned by checking the sales receipt after making a purchase at a participating store or by consulting their profiles on the Familiplus Platform.

  4. Familiplus points will be awarded to holders of gift cards issued by Familiprix if the cards are used to purchase eligible products.

  5. If members use reward dollars earned on their Familiplus cards to purchase eligible products, they will earn Familiplus points in the same manner as if they had used another payment method.

  6. Members earn one one-hundredth of a point (0.01 points) for every cent ($0.01) they spend on eligible products, before taxes. To simplify the display, decimal places are not shown. Displayed points are always rounded down. For instance, customers receive 2.5 points for a $2.50 purchase of eligible products, before taxes, but only “2 points” will be displayed.

  7. Points are calculated on the net product price.

  8. FOR NEW BRUNSWICK ONLY: Members may not earn more than 5,000 points in a single transaction when purchasing over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Once the purchase total reaches 5,000 points, no more points will be awarded. Members may request that the portion of the points under 5,000 be manually adjusted by calling Familiprix Customer Service at 1-844-704-8040.

  9. During special promotions, Familiprix may offer extra Familiplus points on purchases of certain eligible products, calculated on net prices. In addition, please note that in New Brunswick, no bonus points can be applied to the purchase of prescription drugs unless otherwise specified in the special promotion.

    For illustration purposes only, if a $5 product earns 3X points during a particular month and another promotion lasting only one week during the same month earns 5X points, the points are calculated as follows:

    • Base points: $5 X 1 pt = 5 pts
    • 3X promo points: 5 base pts X 3 = 15 pts – 5 base pts = 10 bonus pts
    • 5X promo points: 5 base pts X 5 = 25 pts – 5 base pts = 20 bonus pts
    • Total points: 5 base pts + 30 bonus pts = 35 Familiplus pts
  10. Product returns are handled in accordance with each store’s return and exchange policy and discount coupon policy where applicable. Members must read and understand the policies applicable to the store where they make their purchases.

  11. When a product that has earned Familiplus points is returned or exchanged, Familiprix reserves the right to subtract such points at the time of return or exchange. Familiplus members must present their sales receipts and Familiplus cards when returning or exchanging products.

  12. If a Familiplus card, whether physical or virtual, is not used for a period of eighteen (18) consecutive months, if the member cancels the card, or in the event of the member’s death, all Familiplus points earned on the card will automatically be cancelled without compensation. Members may reactivate their cards by calling Familiprix Customer Service at 1-844-704-8040.

Use of Familiplus Points/Reward Dollars

  1. Earned points are converted into reward dollars, which can be used to pay for future purchases of eligible products. Each Familiplus point is converted into $0.01 reward dollars. For instance, members would need 850 points to purchase eligible products totalling $8.50.

  2. To use Familiplus reward dollars, members must present their valid Familiplus cards, whether physical or virtual, and ensure that their profiles have been duly completed on the Familiplus Platform, or by calling Familiprix Customer Service.

  3. Members may also donate their Familiplus points to charitable organizations identified by Familiprix. The list of charities may change from time to time and without notice based on the partnerships with Familiprix. Each time a member makes a donation, the number of points donated will automatically and permanently be deducted from the member’s account. Donations cannot be cancelled or refunded. Familiplus point donations do not entitle members to a tax receipt.

  4. Members are not required to use their reward dollars, in part or in whole. They may choose to save them up. However, any reward dollars, i.e., earned points, that are not used within a period of three (3) years from the time they are available for use will be cancelled without compensation to members.

  5. In the event of a server or network failure, Familiplus points/reward dollars may not be used to pay for purchases or be used as a donation. Furthermore, in the event of such failure, point updates will be delayed until the server or network is restored.

Personalized Offers and Preselected Products

  1. In addition to earning Familiplus points, members may receive personalized offers through the Familiplus Program based on their purchasing habits. Such offers may be in the form of discounts, free products, or extra Familiplus points on purchases of selected eligible products.

  2. Personalized offers will be sent to members by regular mail, by email if members have given explicit consent in their online profiles on the Familiplus Platform. Details on any personalized offers will be indicated in personalized mailings.

  3. Members must present the original coupon for the personalized offer (or the offer itself) received by mail or email to benefit from personalized offers. No photocopies will be accepted. Members may also present offers on their smartphones.

  4. Familiprix may, but is not obliged to, select eligible products on which members may earn additional Familiplus points when making purchases.

  5. Neither Familiprix nor stores offering the Familiplus Program may be required to make personalized offers, this option being at the sole and absolute discretion of Familiprix.

  6. Members no longer wishing to receive email messages may modify their consent in their online profiles on the Familiplus Platform.

Confidentiality of Information Collected by Familiprix

  1. Familiprix undertakes to make every effort to ensure the confidentiality and security of information provided by members when they join and participate in the Familiplus Program. However absolute confidentiality and security are not guaranteed. For more information, please read our General Terms of Use.

  2. Familiprix undertakes not to disclose information received from members except on a need-to-know basis. In such cases, any individuals receiving such information will be clearly informed that it is confidential and subject to a confidentiality agreement. However Familiprix may use, at its discretion, any data it collects that does not contain personal information. To learn more, members are encouraged to read the Privacy Policy, available on the website at all times.

  3. Members acknowledge and agree, however, that information collected by Familiprix may be used to administer and monitor the Familiplus Program and to send promotional material and other personalized messages, including by email.

  4. Some services, such as sending mail and email, analyzing business data, providing marketing assistance, investigating fraudulent activities, conducting consumer surveys, and providing customer service, may be carried out by companies authorized by Familiprix. In such cases, Familiprix will ensure that data transmitted to such service providers will be limited to the information required to perform their duties and that such service providers will be subject to a very strict confidentiality agreement.

  5. By joining the Familiplus Program, members confirm that they consent to such use of their information.

  6. A French version of this policy is available. In the event of a discrepancy, the French version will prevail.

Concluding Statement

All necessary measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this document. Familiprix and stores participating in the Familiplus Program may not be held liable for any errors or omissions.

Last update: November 27th, 2017