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December 20, 2018

The ideal helper for persons with diabetes this holiday season

CONTOUR® NEXT ONE blood glucose meter now connected to Familiprix My Diabetes mobile app.

It isn’t always easy managing your busy lifestyle and diabetes.Keeping track of your blood glucose results and understanding how your activities impact them can be difficult. Familiprix and Ascensia help make life simple for people with diabetes by connecting theCONTOUR® NEXT ONE blood glucose meter and the free My Diabetes app that automatically synchronizes blood glucose readings via Bluetooth technology.

The blood glucose readings are recorded in the My Diabetes app according to when they are taken.There are 5 key timelines (including fasting, before and after meal, snack and bedtime) that are available to help identify any hyper/hypoglycemic events.

Additional features to further assist with diabetes management include recording carbohydrate consumption, weight, physical activity and insulin doses injected.

This app also has other features including

  • the ability to invite a friend or family member who can help you with your diabetes management. This is extremely helpful as it can reduce stress with your management whensomeone is helping and supporting your care.
  • Access to the blood glucose readings report that is produced and may be shared with a pharmacist or an affiliate member of Familiprix to assist patients with their overall health.

Simple to use, the remarkably accurate CONTOUR® NEXT ONE blood glucose meter and My Diabetes app now connect for smart diabetes management.

The free My Diabetes app is available on the App Store and Google Play.