My Pregnancy

A free app that accompanies you through the 9 months of your pregnancy.


Easily share milestones

Share important milestones of your pregnancy, either pictures or videos, with family and friends on social media!


Follow the development of your foetus and get great tips throughout your entire pregnancy.


Various follow-ups will enable you to have an overview of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy guide

Get practical information that will help you really enjoy the next 9 months.


Keep precious memories of your pregnancy.

First names

Manage a list of potential first names and share them with your partner.

Shopping list

Be ready for the baby and save big thanks to a shopping list.

Follow your baby’s development

Are you curious to see what your baby looks like at any given moment during your pregnancy? Follow your baby’s development week after week.

Invite a loved one to follow your pregnancy with you

Easily give access to information regarding your pregnancy to a loved one.

Pictures of your baby bump

Save all the magical moments of your baby bump thanks to a photography feature that automatically converts images into a video.

Weight follow-ups

Save your weight at various stages of your pregnancy to easily keep track. You can sync the data with HealthKit.

Monitor contractions

Easily calculate the frequency and duration of your contractions.

Monitor your baby’s kicks and movements

Easily count your baby’s kicks movements during a precise time period.

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