March 9, 2022

Your mail in good hands

The postal counter, affiliated with Canada Post, of Stéfanie Ouellet Pharmacy located on Sheppard Street offers a variety of postal services to meet all the needs of the area's residents and the pharmacy's clientele.     

Our dedicated postal counter team offers a high quality personalized service motivated by the attentive approach of our manager Joseph Fadous. "Human contact is very precious to me, which is why the quality of customer service is at the heart of our priorities at the Stéfanie Ouellet Pharmacy postal counter," says Joseph Fadous, postal counter manager. 

In the age of technology, postal services remain a truly important means of communication in Canada. For example, online ordering is a great way to send packages for personal or business use. "Our team is there to accompany our customers and inform them about all of our postal services, including the laws and regulations dedicated to the pickup and delivery of letters and parcels in Quebec, Canada and internationally," explains Mr. Fadous. 

Very proud to contribute to economic development through postal services, Joseph Fadous is greatly appreciated by our loyal customers and his colleagues. An avid reader, walker and shopper, Joseph is very active, which keeps him in good health! Joseph works rigorously and carefully to serve people, which is what makes the postal counter so successful. 

Here are the postal services available at Stéfanie Ouellet Pharmacy:

  • Canada Post shipping services
  • Delivery and flexi-delivery of letters and parcels
  • Packaging products
  • Mail forwarding and mail holding
  • MoneyGram money transfer service
  • Money Order
  • Fax and photocopy service
  • Wireless and long-distance calling cards
  • Visa and other gift cards
  • Mailbox rental