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Prevention and Treatment of Back-to-School Afflictions and Illnesses

Are you all set for back to school? Be careful of the afflictions and illnesses that may affect people of all ages at this time of year.

Whether it is an itchy head, a runny nose, or sudden nausea, the appearance of these symptoms often takes us by surprise and upsets our daily life.

With this in mind, this practical guide full of useful information was created to help you take better care of your loved ones. Consult it with your child, so that your entire family will be ready to face the illnesses associated with going back to school!

Table des matières

  • What is a louse?
    • Who is most at risk of being infested by head lice?
    • How to know if your child has lice or nits
    • How to get rid of lice
    • How to know if the treatment was effective
    • Tricks and tips for avoiding lice
    • Myth or reality?
  • What is gastroenteritis?
    • Which children are most at risk?
    • How to treat gastroenteritis
    • How to prevent gastroenteritis
    • When to see a doctor
    • And what about probiotics?
    • Myth or reality?
  • What is conjunctivitis?
    • What are the signs?
    • How to treat bacterial conjunctivitis
    • When to see a doctor
    • How to prevent conjunctivitis
    • A word about viral conjunctivitis
    • Myth or reality?
  • Do I have a cold, or is it the flu?
    • How to tell the difference
    • How to prevent colds and flu
    • How to treat colds and flu
    • What about cold and flu medication?
    • When to see a doctor
    • Myth or reality?
  • Children’s sleep problems
    • What are the effects of lack of sleep?
    • What is a good night’s sleep for my child?
    • How to promote sleep
    • Are there treatments?
    • Myth or reality?
  • Sources and links
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