Diabetes and nutrition

It has been shown that the foods we eat affect glycemia (blood sugar level). A balanced diet, combined with the loss of a few extra kilos, has a positive effect on glycemia and is as important as taking medication (oral antidiabetics and/or insulin) to control Type 2 diabetes.

Table of contents

  • Why reexamine your plate?
  • Step 1 - I’m cutting back on added sugar
  • Step 2 - I’m increasing my ration of dietary fiber
  • Step 3 - I eat quality protein
  • Step 4 - I curb my consumption of sugar substitutes
  • Step 5 - I keep within my prescribed amount of carbohydrates
  • Step 6 - I count my carbohydrates
  • Alcohol? Exercise?
  • Tools to stay motivated!
  • Little reminder
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