Women age 40 and plus

Mid-life crisis, the big 4-0, whatever you call it, many people see their 40th birthday as a major turning point in their lives. But why all the fuss? Is it about saying goodbye to their youth? What is really going on? According to researchers in the U.S., this phenomenon occurs between the ages of 37 and 48, in both women and men.

Table of contents

  • Weight gain, healthy weight, nutrition, exercise - keeping it simple.
  • Tip: stay active!
  • My skin, hair, nails - they're all starting to change!
  • Staying young... and above all, healthy!
  • Hormone therapy in all its forms
  • Cardiovascular disease: stay alert, stay healthy!
  • Breast cancer: early detection is the best means of control!
  • Osteoporosis: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
  • Staying young and at your best!
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