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110, Rue St-Gabriel, St-Gabriel-De-Brandon, QC
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Asthma education
Asthma is a disease that needs to be understood and closely monitored in order to get good control and prevent seizures and complications. The on-site team will help you target the triggers and give you tips on how to prevent them. We will also teach you the proper technique for using the pumps and when to use them, in order to best control the disease.
You must already have received a prescription for this condition within the past 2 years. If the prescription comes from another pharmacy, make sure you have proof of your prescription (ex.: the prescription label).

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  • Cost: Free
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110, Rue St-Gabriel , St-Gabriel-De-Brandon , QC J0K2N0
Mélissa Champoux, Christian Gagnon, Jean-Philippe Brissette et Yannick Ouellet
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