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1179, Boulevard St Félicien Suite 101, Saint-Félicien, QC
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Migraine monitoring (Follow-up meeting)
Migraines can cause very severe pain and cause several other symptoms that affect the inflicted person's quality of life. For patients with frequent migraines, preventive therapy may be prescribed to reduce the number of attacks and their severity. After having received your targets from your doctor, the pharmacist can evaluate the effectiveness of your preventative treatment and adjust your medication, if nedessary and depending on various conditions.
You must already have received a prescription for this condition within the past 2 years. If the prescription comes from another pharmacy, make sure you have proof of your prescription (ex.: the prescription label).

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1179, Boulevard St Félicien Suite 101 , Saint-Félicien , QC G8K3J1
Maxime Sasseville et Valéry Madore
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