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le 19 février 2019
Hello, I am sexually active with my boyfriend. I use the contraceptive pills but something I take the morning after pill. Usually, the morning after pills work, but recently they started to not work. I am now pregnant for the second time even though I took the morning after pill less than 24 hours after the intercourse. Is it possible that my body developed an "intolerance" to the morning after pill? I am taking another pill because I am heavier than 160 lbs because I have a muscular physique. I have no other health problems, I am never nauseous when I take the pill, and I am healthy. thank you
Geneviève Duperron Pharmacienne propriétaire affiliée à Familiprix

There is no such thing known as "intolerance" to morning pill or ineffectiveness.  If you take contraceptive pill regularly without skipping doses, it should work as well as ELLA  does if needed though after taking ELLA, you should use another barrier contraception for 12 to 14 days

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