Be careful with alcohol consumption over the Holidays!

During the year, there are many opportunities to drink alcohol. Moderation is always in good taste, as they say in the Educ’alcool ads, so here are some tips to help you take part in the different celebrations without overdoing it!

Alternate between alcoholised and non-alcoholised drinks

Each time you have an alcoholised drink, your next drink should be something with no alcohol. For example, if someone serves you a mimosa at a Christmas brunch, your next drink could be sparkling water or orange juice.

Put your glass down when it’s empty

At a party where servers or your hosts circulate to refill guests’ glasses, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’ve had to drink. Get into the habit of setting your glass down on a table once it’s empty.

Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach

Avoid drinking on an empty stomach, because the alcohol will affect you more quickly. Food helps to slow the absorption of alcohol in the stomach, which in turn delays its circulation through the body.

This tip is even more important if you have diabetes, because drinking on an empty stomach can cause your blood sugar levels to drop too low (hypoglycemia). Since the symptoms of hypoglycemia are similar to those of being inebriated, you may not realize what’s happening in time to treat it before it causes complications.

Don’t drink every day

According to Educ’alcool, in order to avoid developing a tolerance or addiction to alcohol, it is best to avoid having some every day, even in moderation. Over the Holidays, take advantage of the days where there are no get-togethers with family or friends to take a break from alcohol.

Respect the recommended daily limits

Drinking in moderation means:

  • 2 drinks per day for women, without exceeding a total of 10 drinks per week
  • 3 drinks per day for men, without exceeding a total of 15 drinks per week

We may sometimes exceed these recommendations. Educ’alcool recognizes this can happen and recommends that women never exceed 3 drinks in a single sitting, with the limit for men being 4 drinks. These extra drinks must also be counted as part of the total drinks for the week.

For more information, visit the Educ’alcool website.

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