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At Familiprix Inc., we believe that pharmacists play an important role in the lives of their patients.

In order to better carry out their roles, the pharmacies of tomorrow must adopt a more human approach, be more innovative, and remain focused on their primary mission: the health of their patients.

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Discover more than 80 health services and health care, everywhere in the province, offered by pharmacist owners affiliated with Familiprix and nurses located in local Familiprix branches.

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Smoking cessation, urinary tract infection, allergic rhinitis, diabetes or hypertension, and more! To take charge of your health

In-branch nursing care

Vaccination trip, zoster vaccination, blood sampling, breastfeeding follow-up, and more! For treatments adapted to your health needs

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Participating pharmacists are available to answer your questions online.
Do you need non-urgent information about your condition? Something is bothering you? Ask your question confidentially.

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An inspiring career

Familiprix employees do not just do their jobs, they actively carry out our mission:

Build a health-focused, more humane and innovative pharmacy.