Published on October 13, 2020 at 14:02 / Updated on November 2, 2020 at 14:24

Halloween parties may have been postponed in several cities back in 2019 due to inclement weather, but Halloween 2020 may take a different turn. We are living in unprecedented times; this special day for children deserves to be reinvented so that it can remain a part of our fall traditions. Here are some ideas for inspiration to make the day more festive.

Costume parade

Trick or treating should be avoided, but not going for walks in your neighbourhood! Once dressed up, the whole family can go for a walk along the street and show off their costumes, while maintaining social distancing. Afterwards, give your children their favourite candies that you’ve purchased beforehand. The kids won't even need to sort them out!

Make it a special day

During the Christmas season, many parents enjoy preparing or offering an Advent Calendar. Why not use this idea and give it a "Halloween" touch? Just hang small paper bags or envelopes on string and hide surprises in them. Put a few candies in one, an invitation to bake cookies in another, and a movie-popcorn party in the other. Children can be given the chance to open them at specific times of the day or you can extend the fun to last a few days. The most important thing is to make the day special even without having friends over.

Treasure Hunt

Similar to the Advent Calendar, why not organize a treasure hunt? Hide clues here and there around the house, and let the kids scour each room to find the loot! You can also go from door-to-door inside the house and put candies in each room that the children can collect, in costume of course!

Creative universe

Social distancing should not prevent you from decorating your home! More than ever, playful decorations add a touch of fun when life is turned upside down. Whether you have a traditional jack-o-lantern or drawings and crafts to hang in the windows, children will definitely be delighted to experience the unique world of Halloween. 

Cardboard cut-outs or rainbows painted on windows can become Halloween classics for a few days! After all, this holiday is fun for children as well as for parents!

If you have cooks rather than Picassos at home, turn on the oven and convert your young people into pastry chefs! There is nothing better than pumpkin cakes decorated in 1001 ways to add to the fun of Halloween. There are tons of tasty ways (french content only) to get your cucurbit meat back!

Psst! The enjoyment of eating sweets also requires having  clean teeth. Did you know that a thorough toothbrushing should last 2 to 3 minutes and be done within minutes of eating? The Canadian Dental Association also suggests eating candy with meals since the saliva is more abundant and therefore provides better cleaning. They also suggest avoiding caramels, as they stick to the wall of the teeth and are difficult to dislodge. Don't hesitate to supervise and help younger children up to the age of six brush their teeth. Do this twice a day, and this will allow them to enjoy sweets for a long time to come!

Fantastic stories

There are many characters and stories linked to Halloween, including those involving witches, mice, ghosts, pumpkins and black cats. Dim the lights, turn on the flashlight, put on some accessories and take an adventure! The first person begins a story, which is then continued by the person on their right, which continues around, and so on. This makes for an exciting evening and the creation of a fantastic fable that will be remembered for a long time!

Family celebrations are even more important in times of pandemic, as they provide good memories for youngsters. Use any of these ideas that you like, and your Halloween will no doubt be a source of pleasure, and perhaps the beginning of new traditions!

Happy Halloween!

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