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4 easy steps for an evening beauty routine

Published on January 11, 2024 at 18:00 / Updated on April 10, 2024 at 13:12

Just like your morning routine, having a good skincare routine is important to prepare for bed. But what is the best evening beauty routine? There are many options out there, including makeup removal, cleansing exfoliation, various skin treatments, moisturizing, etc. What steps should you follow? Are these steps necessary for everyone? Read on to learn more about our top recommendations.

Cleansing and makeup removal

The most important part of an evening beauty routine is to remove makeup from your face. Make sure you remove all traces of makeup, sunscreen and impurities. Several products on the market claim to be 2-in-1 with a makeup remover and cleanser. However, we still suggest taking one step at a time to guarantee flawless skin. If you want to avoid buying several products and keep your 2-in-1, simply do a two-step cleansing: the first will make sure to remove makeup, and the second will thoroughly cleanse your skin. Also, keep your skin type in mind when selecting your cleanser. Richer formulas, such as balms and lotions, are recommended for dry skin. Gel formulas are ideal for combination and normal skin. Foams are most suitable for oily skin. The right product for your skin type will ensure maximum comfort. You can also use makeup remover wipes, but be gentle when using them and opt for moisturized wipes, as they will be gentler and more effective.

Gently exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is a very important step to help with skin cell renewal. Exfoliation is absolutely normal and necessary for all skin types. We suggest a frequency of one to three times a week, depending on your skin type and sensitivity. If you have dry and/or sensitive skin, it's best to be careful and exfoliate only once a week. For normal to oily skin, you can exfoliate two to three times a week. Keep in mind the comfort of your skin and its condition after this step to determine the right frequency for you. Apart from your skin type, the ingredients and composition of the exfoliant are also essential to consider. There are two main families of exfoliants: physical exfoliants and chemical exfoliants. Physical formulas are those that include granules that will improve your skin's surface and texture. Chemical exfoliants are often applied as a toner after cleansing and before moisturizing. Chemical exfoliants don't need to be rinsed off and work gradually on your skin. They are more advanced products, but once you know which type of product is best for your skin and respect the frequency, chemical exfoliants will give you sublime effects, both on the surface and deep down in your skin. Don't hesitate to ask your cosmetician for help.

Treatments and serums

If you want to elevate your routine and your skin’s condition, serums and treatments will be your best go-to products. They're practically multivitamins for your face! You can find many serums on the market that can help with hydration, anti-aging, radiance, imperfections and more. Choose your products based on your needs. Some serums contain active agents and ingredients, so be careful with the combination of your products. Serums are designed to penetrate the skin more deeply. You should always combine them with a moisturizing cream for maximum effects.

Seal the deal!

Now we come to the final step of your routine: moisturizing. After cleansing and treating the skin, it's important to seal the deal with a moisturizer. As with every product mentioned above, choose a formula that respects your skin type. Gels and lotions are preferable for combination and oily skin, while creamier textures are better for dry skin. Remember that we go through four seasons and several climatic changes, so your skin may require more or less hydration. Take the time to assess your skin and observe how it feels when the weather changes. These products will also lock in the moisture so that all the steps you've taken beforehand are more effective.

All this may seem like many steps and details, but we assure you that once you have the right products and ingredients for your needs and skin type, your evening routine will only take a few minutes to complete. Think of it as a mini end-of-day spa treatment!

By Jean-François Casselman-Dupont in collaboration with Familiprix.

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