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Fall is meant to be enjoyed with the family

Published on September 24, 2021 at 17:00 / Updated on September 24, 2021 at 17:02

Ah! Those cool, beautiful, sunny days of early fall! They may be starting to get shorter, but not enough yet to spoil our fun. The children are back in school and now’s the time to continue along the learning path. Familiprix suggests several outdoor family activities that are ideal for adventures and discovery, and fun activities to do at home with the children when the weather is gloomier…or when you prefer cocooning.

Outdoor activities

You can feel the call of the great outdoors and its many benefits. The leaves are turning yellow, orange, and crimson. The colours explode as if it were a portrait. Now’s the time to organize family outings to take advantage of the best that fall in Quebec has to offer, including sunshine, freshness, and colours. There are many possibilities, but you need to dress a little warmer, a fall coat, a hat and maybe some gloves to protect you from the wind. When properly dressed, bike rides or mountain hikes can be enjoyable and spectacular.

Before leaving on an expedition, and after you return, you should hydrate your skin against the effects of changes in temperature. Fresh air, like heated indoor spaces, causes inconveniences, such as tightness and dry skin. More disturbing, painful cracks can also appear on the skin. A good hand moisturizer and a lip balm should be applied daily.

Hikes to enjoy the fall colours

You may get the urge to get out of the city and admire the colours. You don’t need to go too far to please the children! Take a simple walk in nature in the neighbouring parks, or go for a more organized hike on the trails or through the forests. Moreover, you can check out the nature your municipality or city has to offer. There are often beautiful places that are little-known. Getting to know your neighbourhood is an activity in itself.

Fall with the family also means doing little chores, including raking leaves. Here’s a tip for parents: To get lots of help for this oft-overlooked task, promise them a little leaf fight or a leaf jumping/diving session. It's a great time for photoshoots that can be commemorated with a little craft project like a photo printed on a backdrop of fall leaves! What could be better? How about some hot chocolate to end the day!  

Family games

Another way to discover nature while adding some playfulness or friendly competition is to go on a little treasure hunt. Get a piece of paper or cardboard and write down or draw things to find, such as a pinecone, a small fir tree, acorn, different coloured leaves, a Y-shaped branch, insects or other things, etc.). This works the memory, concentration, and motivation while spending a wonderful time outdoors in symbiosis with nature. Some websites also offer free downloadable versions!

Gathering apples…and pumpkins!

The outside is a perfect place to let off some steam. Try playing hide-and-seek, climbing trees or frolicking in a pile of leaves in front of the house! The temperature is ideal for going for a walk. Of all the most fun fall activities to do with the family, everyone enjoys picking apples in the orchards. Most apple growers offer U-pick, where children find excitement climbing the ladders placed on the apple trees. Often you can also stock up on pumpkins for Halloween! With pumpkins as far as the eye can see, your children can choose their favourite!

Indoor family activities

Is it a rainy or windy day? You’ll be wondering what to do with the children at home. You already have the essential equipment on hand, including paper, construction paper, crayons, glue, round-tipped scissors, plasticine, plastic letters, books, activity books and puzzles!

Fall crafts

DIY activities are always a fun option that helps develop fine motor skills and artistic talents. And yes, children love those famous herbariums of our childhood! Now’s the time to collect the most beautiful leaves, with the most beautiful colours. It’s also an opportunity to learn about plants and insects unearthed in the garden or preciously preserved since the last hike. 

Moving while inside

We know that children need to move, even indoors. Just like you’d do outside, why not organize an obstacle course, but inside the home, with a surprise at the end! Walk around the furniture, rummage in the cupboards, climb on the beds, and go down into the basement to find the clues…

Make pies

Now’s the time to enjoy your well-chosen apples and pumpkins! Know that you’ll probably have to wash down your kitchen afterwards with a garden hose! We’re not exaggerating (much). But the fun is worth the effort. What’s better than cooking as the family, smelling the sweet aromas of the pies while stealing pieces of fruit in the process. And what about getting flour in your hair? These simple moments are well worth the hours of enjoyment and creating memories. 

Visit museums or attend live performances

Children are real sponges. Anything that is creative, playful and appeals to the imagination can foster an artistic awakening. Visits to museums, theatres and/or live shows spur emotions, questions and generate important learning. These are stimulating places to visit according to the activities offered, the children's ages and their interests!   

Reading and activity books

Books stimulate children intellectually and develop their writing skills. Let them choose their book because it's good for motivation. If they’re having difficulty, go through the book with them and choose suitable passages. (Booksellers always give very good advice!) And above all, set an example! Read for them, with them, as often as possible. The same goes for the exercise, activity and learning books: let them choose or suggest choices. By giving them a choice, you’re giving your child some power while having lead them to it! They will surely be proud to show you the things they’ve learned in school and parents will be just as proud!

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