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How to achieve a natural look with makeup: aka the "no-makeup makeup”

Published on May 16, 2022 at 17:57 / Updated on May 24, 2022 at 21:01

Seeing your favourite celebrities and influencers with minimalist and natural makeup that looks effortless, I bet you’re interested in learning how they pull it off. Even the most novice fashionistas with essential products can achieve this type of look. The secret? Opting for light, bright and translucent textures. There are a few application techniques to follow, but there is no need for a thousand and one brushes; your fingers are your best tools. The most crucial step will be the complexion. Your eye makeup will be minimal, but nothing is stopping you from enhancing it with eyeshadow.


Before you even start thinking about your next makeup purchase, you should first ask yourself how your skin is doing. Is it lacking in moisture? Do you have a dull and tired complexion? Do you have redness and an uneven skin texture? Do you carry out a proper skincare regimen to boost your skin’s health and radiance? 

No matter what style of makeup you want to achieve, doing your skincare before makeup will significantly help with the application and finish of your makeup and how long it lasts. The basics in terms of skincare consist of four steps: cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate (2-3 times a week) and protect (every day). 

Once you are comfortable and diligent with your skincare routine, the rest will come more easily, and the results will be even more stunning!

A luminous complexion

The key to achieving a natural, luminous complexion is selecting finishes and textures. Look for products that will blur and lightly cover your skin and make it glow. That's why you should choose cream and liquid textures. These are moisturizing, comfortable, and translucent; it is precisely these characteristics that will help to obtain that famous luminous finish. 

Use light a coverage foundation, moisturizer, and tinted sunscreen to even out skin tone by applying a thin layer over the entire face with your fingers. If your dark circles, imperfections and/or redness persist, use a concealer or dabs of your foundation only on these areas. These moisturizing and creamy products work well with almost all skin types. 

If you have slightly oilier skin, you can still opt for this same product and texture, but make sure the finish is a bit more matte after application.

Cream bronzer, blush and illuminator

To give structure and enhance your complexion, the application of bronzer and/or blush will be essential. You can certainly use both, but keep in mind that we are looking for a natural look. It's all about balance, so take it easy on the makeup. Bronzer should always be applied to the areas where the sun naturally kisses your skin—not on the entire face. It's often this product that can highlight makeup, so use sparingly. 

Continue with the blush on the top of the cheekbones, blending it slightly upwards. Choose a pink or subtle peach shade. 

If you want to enhance the luminous effect of your complexion, use a cream or liquid illuminator on the most prominent areas of the face: mainly the cheekbone, bridge of the nose, brow bone and even on the forehead just above the highest spot of the eyebrow. Make sure your illuminator is bright but not glittery or shiny. Again, you want a natural texture and finish.

Underline eyelashes and eyebrows

No-makeup makeup embraces minimalism, but that doesn't mean you should neglect your brows and lashes. 

Take a moment to brush your brows with a translucent or even tinted gel to keep them polished. You can even use an eyebrow pencil for definition. Remember that when you want to mimic the natural hair of the eyebrow subtly, so opt for a shade that is lighter than your hair. The effect will be natural, soft and light. You can curl your lashes and even use that same translucent gel along the curve. 

Alternatively, a light application of mascara that will lengthen and define your lashes can work as well, but again, in tiny amounts. Why not try a brown mascara instead of the famous black?

Enhance lips naturally

The very last step is to apply a lip gloss or balm to plump up your lips. Several great hybrid products on the market will also give you a lovely tint without feeling heavy or giving an overly made-up effect of a classic lipstick. Avoid matte formulas and lip pencils, as these will also provide a finish that is too bold.


Why not apply your cream blush to your lips? It adds beautiful colour—and is perfect for that monochromatic look you want!

And there you have it! You have everything you need to achieve that natural, glowing look! Give yourself a chance to discover and practice with the cream textures. You won't be disappointed!

Jean-François Casselman-Dupont in collaboration with Familiprix

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