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How to Dye Your Own Hair at Home: Tips and Tricks

Published on February 18, 2022 at 20:21 / Updated on February 25, 2022 at 15:20

Colouring your hair yourself is gaining in popularity! However, it's important to be well informed; we've all experienced one or two hair disasters! Choosing the best drugstore hair dye can make all the difference between dreamy hair and a nightmare. A simple, easy, and affordable way to get professional-quality results is to use Vitality's professional hair dye.

The Benefits of Colouring Your Hair With Vitality’s

Hair dye

Customize your hair colour to your preference with Vitality's. You can make your own colour mixture to achieve the exact shade of hair dye you want. Box hair dye is intended for one-time use only. If you don't use the entire product, you may end up throwing away the unused hair dye, and buying a new box when your roots start to show again. Vitality's hair colour saves a lot of trouble! Cost-effective, the quantities you use are based on the colour mixture and the amount of hair you want to dye. You can therefore use your favourite hair colouring treatment more than once, and avoid having to buy the product again the next time you dye your hair. Vitality's allows you to buy the colour tube and oxidizing agent separately.

No More Scratching Your Head When Choosing a Hair Colour

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Determine how much time you want to spend on maintaining your coloured locks! Depending on the colour you choose, the time required for your hair colour maintenance may vary. For example, if you have a lot of white hair or very light-blonde hair, and your desired colour is very dark brown, you will have to touch up your hair between colourings. If you want a low-maintenance hair colour, it would be wiser to opt for a lighter shade.

Next, select the final colour and decide how many shades lighter or darker you want to go. Going from medium brown to light-brown hair or blonde hair is obviously easier than going from black hair to platinum blonde. When there is a significant difference in tone, the process should be done in several steps rather than in one sitting.

Select your colour with the Vitality's Arts hair colour chart provided in drugstores to determine which hair shade would suit you best. Don't forget that you can also ask the cosmetician in most Familiprix branches for help, as they are specially trained to guide you.

Understanding the Colour Numbers

The first number is a tone scale: 1 to 10, 1/ = black, and 10/ = very light blonde.

The second number indicates the primary highlight: /0 = Natural or Neutral, /1 = Ash, /2 = Beige, /3 = Golden, /4 = Copper, /5 = Mahogany, /6 = Red, /8 = Violet, /9 = Colonial.

If there is a third number, it refers to the secondary highlight: the colour will generally be more intense. For example, 7/66 is a fiery red.

The name of the colour will also guide you, like “Golden Copper Blonde”, “Ash Blonde”, and so on.

Show Off Your New Look!

Women with new hair style

Now that you know the Vitality's hair colouring technique, you can have stunning hair, be in control of your style, and save on recurring visits to the salon! Do it better, thank us later!

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