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In search of the perfect complexion

Published on May 16, 2022 at 18:41 / Updated on June 20, 2022 at 17:14

What is the perfect complexion? Is it having porcelain skin? Is it wearing full-coverage makeup or sculpting your face like your favourite celebrity? Versatile beauty products will be your best bet for your beauty routine. You'll have the option to find the coverage you want.

Work in sync with your skin

Depending on your skin type, it's best to use specific finishes and textures to maximize comfort and how long it lasts. Opt for a foundation with light to medium coverage that is buildable, which means you can add as you see fit. Be even more thorough when choosing your foundation, BB cream and concealer. These products will be primarily on your face, so staying power and comfort are essential.

For dry skin:

Opt for cream/liquid textures with a luminous finish. This type of product will provide you with hydration and a glow. Bye-bye, dull complexion!

For combination/Normal skin:

You get the best of both worlds! You must choose a luminous or a more matte finish that will match your mood for the day!

For combination/Oily skin:

Opt for powder or even liquid textures, but with a semi-matte finish. Choose oil-free formulas to avoid excess oil build-up. This type of product will control shine by blurring the skin's texture.


When selecting your eye concealer, choose a lighter shade than your skin tone. This way, you'll have a bright, fresh look under your eyes. However, do NOT use this shade for redness and blemishes. Being lighter than your skin tone, the eye concealer will only highlight them. If you want a little more coverage to hide unseemly redness or blemishes, go with the same shade as your skin tone.

Make your work easier with the right makeup tools

Many tools are available on the market that will help your beauty routine. However, they can also change the coverage of your products.


The sponge is definitely a tool you need. Many people forget the most important rule that will make the finish even better... you have to use it wet! This will result in less product loss, lighter coverage and a very natural finish.

Foundation brushes:

There are several brush options available. Those with short, dense bristles will give you more coverage. Those with long, sparse bristles will provide you with lighter coverage. Applying with a brush requires a little more work because it can sometimes leave streaks, so you have to blend well!


People are always embarrassed when they use their fingers to apply products to their complexion. But they are great tools! The warmth of the hands will help melt the product into the skin for a fresh look. Apply by tapping: the pigment is deposited on the skin to get the desired coverage.

Application techniques and product order

It's good enough to have the right tools and products, but you have to know how to apply everything and in what order. Always proceed sparingly; it will be easier to repair it if you make a mistake.

  1. Start with your regular skincare routine.
  2. Continue with the complexion products, i.e., foundation applied lightly all over the face, followed by concealer applied only to the dark areas around the eyes. The concealer should be applied after the foundation. Don’t forget that your concealer should be a little lighter than the rest of the face.
  3. This is optional, but a light application of a mattifying powder will help the makeup stay on and absorb excess oil. This powder should be applied with a large brush, mainly on the T-zone.
  4. Revive your complexion with a bronzer and blush. A bronzer should be applied where the sun kisses your face, not all over. Use the same brush style as your loose powder, and target areas are the top of the forehead, top of the cheeks and bridge of the nose. Blush should be applied with a brush, but only sparingly on the cheekbones.
  5. Add some light! Finish off your complexion with a few touches of light using an illuminator applied subtly on the top of the cheekbones and the nose bridge.

In conclusion: give yourself time

You've got everything you need now regarding products and tips for a flawless complexion. One last piece of advice: give yourself time to learn these techniques and products. It's normal to be hesitant at first, start over and question the whole beauty process. Trust the process and trust YOURSELF. Once you are familiar with it, you will look gorgeous!

Jean-François Casselman-Dupont in collaboration with Familiprix

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