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How to look less tired with makeup

Published on January 10, 2024 at 19:19 / Updated on February 13, 2024 at 13:08

Fed up with waking up looking like you haven’t had a restful sleep? Wish your face wasn’t puffy? Tired of a dull complexion? So you didn’t sleep very well. We understand. Our makeup tips will help you look less tired—and actually refreshed! 

Skin care application

One of the first things we suggest is to take the time to complete your skincare routine. Use a cleanser and moisturizer, followed by sunscreen. Take a few extra minutes to give yourself a facial massage. Not only will moisturizing bring your skin back to life, but adding a little more pressure to the application with upward strokes will help drain the lymphatic system in your face. A facial massage will free your face from toxins beneath the skin's tissues. Performed regularly, massagse will promote blood circulation, smooth your features, and awaken your complexion.

Extra tender-loving care

If you still look tired, don't panic! There are a few tools you can use to look radiant. The most readily available tool is the famous metal spoon. Yes, a spoon chilled in the fridge and placed under your eyes for a few minutes will unclog your eye area. You can also use a jade roller all over your face to promote circulation and smooth your facial features. Always start at the bottom of your face and work your way up. Another tool that is a little more advanced in terms of use is the gua sha, which is a soft, polished stone. Use it to intensely massage the skin on your face. This technique requires practice and a little more time. This tool must be used with care to ensure that the skin and muscles of the face are not damaged. In other words, it's practically a yoga and Pilates session for your skin. Like the gym, it's an exercise you need to introduce and maintain in your routine for visible, long-lasting effects.

Creams for a little extra

For a number of years now, it's been possible to find skin care products with a little extra ingredients and properties that will give your skin more life and hide your fatigue. These hydrating products have moisturizing and plumping properties and can even be considered makeup. For example, some eye contours have a light pinkish tint that will cancel out the blue and mauve hues of the under-eye area. You'll also find moisturizers with light-reflecting microparticles that give your face a luminous, awakened effect. You can combine these skincare solutions with your makeup products. This means you can use less makeup and have a lighter, more natural look.

Choose the right makeup

Just like your skincare creams, some makeup products will add radiance to your complexion and make your beauty routine easier. Opting for fresh, luminous makeup is essential to neutralize signs of fatigue. Choose moisturizing formulas with a cream or liquid texture. You'll get a natural, luminous finish. Avoid applying too much product and using textures that are too dry, pasty or heavy. They will only highlight your skin's fatigue and make it feel thicker. 

Here are our tips and tricks to help you look your best when you’re exhausted. Creams and makeup can’t help you get a good night’s rest; however, they can be your best bet to hide any signs that you’re tired.

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