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Root Touch-Up Products Come to the Rescue of Your Hair

Published on February 16, 2022 at 18:59 / Updated on March 3, 2022 at 18:58

With our hectic lifestyles, lack of time may be our hair colour's worst enemy. Fortunately, hair touch-up products come to the rescue of our hair and freshen it up! These easy-to-use products are ideal for taking care of hair regrowth in between colourations. Here are three suggestions that will help you get by until your next salon appointment!

Schwarzkopf®/MD Root Retoucher

A bottle of Schwarzkopf  Brown Root Retouch Temporary Root Cover Spray

Super easy to use, the Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher is a temporary spray that instantly covers your roots. One push is all it takes to say bye-bye to your hair regrowth! Its applicator sprays the product precisely where you need it. It dries in seconds and provides consistent colour that blends seamlessly throughout your strands. Although the effect washes off with shampoo, this Schwarzkopf root touch-up spray is sweat and rain resistant. That means your colour will be flawless from morning to night, in just a few seconds. This product is good for up to 40 applications, and is available in many shades! In our book, that's what we call a magic trick!

Looky Root Touch-up

Looky Root touch-up in Light Brown

Looky Root Touch-up is every busy woman's best friend! Quick, efficient, practical, and easy to use, you can throw it in your handbag so it can follow you wherever your hair takes you. It's the perfect root touch-up for busy, on-the-go women! What more could you ask for? Available in a variety of shades, simply dip the puff into the coloured powder and lightly tap the roots of your hair on the areas you want to cover up. What's more, the Looky Root Touch-up powder can also be used on your temples. So long, regrowth! The powder formula leaves no sticky residue and lasts until your next hair wash. With such an ally to revive your hair colour or hide grey hair, trying it means adopting it!

Clairol Root Touch-Up

A box of Clairol Root Touch-Up by Nice N’ Easy for brown black shades

Another trip to the salon? Colouring your hair at home yet again? Not so soon. With Clairol Root Touch-Up, your hair will thank you. Dyeing your hair all over can affect your hair health if done too often. By spacing out your hair colouring sessions, you can keep your tresses healthy! Clairol Root Touch-Up naturally blends with your roots and is a perfect match for popular salon colours and at-home hair dyes. In just 10 minutes, your roots will be a thing of the past! With its targeted brush application, regrowth is 100% covered for up to 3 weeks. Plus, this root touch-up complements the Clairol Nice'N Easy range of at-home hair colouring products. Available in permanent, gel, or spray form, this true hair hero can be found at a Familiprix near you!

Who knew that maintaining such beautiful hair at home was so easy? With these hair care products, your gorgeous locks are sure to turn heads wherever you go!

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