In northern countries like ours where summer can last a few short months, it’s understandable that we all love to bask in the warmth and of the sun.

So it’s also no surprise that we sometimes fail to notice when we’re dealing with the perfect conditions for a sunburn. Just a few minutes of exposure is enough for sun’s UV rays to overpower our skin’s natural defenses and begin causing cell damage. The resulting sunburn triggers swelling and causes symptoms, typically redness, pain, and a burning sensation. The healing process often includes desquamation (scaling or peeling skin).

You can treat a light sunburn by applying a cool compress or moisturizing cream, and relieve discomfort with common painkillers. If blisters form, resist the temptation to burst them. And don’t hesitate: consult a medical professional in the event of high fever, severe headache, confusion, nausea, or shivering, or if blistering covers a large area of the body, or the sunburn fails to heal after a few days. We all want to enjoy summer, but don’t forget to be careful in the sun!

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