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The importance of buying local

Published on November 20, 2020 at 15:23 / Updated on December 8, 2020 at 23:54

Buying local has always been important; however, in today’s context, buying local resonates even more.  By promoting Quebec products and merchants now and as often as possible, we are helping to reduce competition between small businesses and multinationals. At Familiprix, a proud local company, we would like to give you more details on the importance and reasons for buying local.

What is local buying?

Buying local means choosing products that are made, grown, processed and/or manufactured in Quebec. Consumers shop in independent local businesses or choose Quebec companies over large multinationals.

The benefits

  1. The first benefit of buying local is stimulating the economy. By buying local, we put more money back into our own economy. For example, by buying a mug at a neighbourhood shop, you are supporting not only a local merchant but also local craftspeople. These people, with your money, will in turn be able to pay for their Quebec fruits and vegetables at a local store, and so on. When you buy a product that is made overseas or from a multinational corporation, you may get a lower price; however, your money will not serve the economy and the well-being of the people here.

    By buying local, you also help the province, through the taxes collected, to increase its aid measures and its financing in important sectors, including health, education, social assistance and the economy. The wheel keeps on turning!
  2. Local purchasing also results in a shorter consumption cycle and a smaller ecological footprint. If you buy your products a few steps from your home rather than from an Internet giant, the environmental impact will be totally different. By reducing the shipping/travelling distance, you help reduce pollution linked to packaging and delivery.
  3. Obviously, buying locally is also a way of encouraging and safeguarding Quebec know-how. By endorsing the work of local innovators, you showcase their talent. You also adopt a mindset that favours responsible purchasing—a product made with quality materials by someone earning a good living wage. And that's not to mention the personalized customer service that ensures courteous and easy follow-ups. It should also be noted that without artisans and neighbourhood businesses your living environment would be much less colourful.

Does buying local mean paying more?

Sometimes buying local can be more expensive—but not always. Quebec artisans and manufacturers tend to use better quality main parts or ingredients in their production processes. Whether it's for ethical reasons, sustainability or pride, quality is often the reason for paying a higher price. Paying a little more, but using the product longer, ends up keeping more money in your pocket for something else.

“Made” versus “produced” in Quebec

The term "Made in Quebec" is not the same as "Produced in Quebec". For example, a garment may have been designed here, but sewn and manufactured overseas. It is therefore important to know the product’s origin and read labels carefully. Don’t hesitate to ask for information from the merchants or directly from the company. For food products, labels have been in use for a while to ensure the traceability and origin of products. This is particularly the case for the Aliments du Québec certification, which promotes the agri-food industry and serves as a benchmark to encourage Quebecers to eat local.

Where do you start?

To maximize your local purchases, you can first identify your needs and find local businesses that meet them. Taking a tour of the different retailers and noting their products made in Quebec is a first step. Then, searching a few keywords on the Internet will take you to various sites that offer a range of Quebec products. Most offer a delivery and/or drop-off service. Here are a few:

Signé Local (food, arts, beauty products, home accessories) French only.
Idée cadeau Québec (food, books, art, beauty products, children's accessories and home accessories) French only.
Maturin (food, beauty, kitchen accessories) French only.
AchetonsQuébé (food, furniture, tools, pharmacy) French only.
J’achète local (clothing, accessories, food, beauty products) French only.
Acheter Québec (clothing, accessories, food, beauty products, well-being, accessories and games for children)
Etsy fait au Québec (decor, art, beauty products, crafts) Partly english.
Ma Zone Québec (food, clothing, accessories, home accessories, children's clothing and accessories, leisure) French only.
Fraîcheur Québec (Fruits and vegetables) French only.
Panier bleu, an online boutique created to mitigate the pandemic’s impact on the Quebec economy, making it easy to identify products sold by local merchants. However, some products available are not necessarily made in Quebec.

Buying local means contributing collectively to creating a better balance and greater social development. Every little bit makes a difference to get us there!

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